Prof. Zhendong Su

Title: Randomized and Systematic Testing of Software


Zhendong Su received his PhD from UC Berkeley, and is currently a Professor and Chancellor's Fellow at UC Davis. His research focuses on methodologies, techniques and tools for improving software quality and programming productivity. His work has been recognized with best paper awards from EAPLS, SIGSOFT, OOPSLA and PLDI, CACM Research Highlight, NSF CAREER Award, UC Davis Outstanding Engineering Faculty Award, and industrial research awards (Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Mozilla). He served as an Associate Editor for ACM TOSEM, program (co-)chaired SAS (2009), ISSTA (2012), and FSE (2016), and serves on the steering committees of ESEC/FSE and ISSTA.


Random testing (aka fuzzing) has been remarkably successful in finding important software flaws and vulnerabilities. There is also much exciting recent progress in developing more advanced, systematic techniques, and adapting them to different domains. This set of lectures will introduce and highlight several important such advances, including EMI and SPE testing for compilers and interpreters, and mathematical execution for solving floating-point constraints and analyzing numerical software. It will also discuss key open technical challenges and promising new applications.